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Issue 1: “Beyond Binaries: Healing without Borders”

  • Ancestral Healing: The Akashic Records
  • Deceiving People into Health
  • The Gift of Anxiety
  • How Stress Can Break Down Our Mind, Body, and Spirit
  • Living in a World of Possibility: Emotional Freedom Techniques
  • Relocation Therapy: India
  • What Is Harm Reduction?
  • The Year I Vacationed in Hell (Special Edition)

Issue 2: “Getting Personal: Digging Deep”

  • Befriending Our Obstacles
  • Coming to Terms with Psychiatry
  • The Eye of The Needle [Poetry]
  • Healing Core Wounds
  • How Stress Can Break Down Our Mind, Body, and Spirit: Part 2
  • Moving into 5D Consciousness
  • Mythological Re-Membering
  • Reset [Prose]
  • Resolving Conflicts
  • Suicide Watch 

Issue 3: “Integrative Health: Complementary vs. Alternative Therapy”

  • A Doctor Protected by Angels
  • Allopathic Medicine vs. Alternative Healing
  • Can Modern Psychoanalysis Cure Bipolar Disorder?
  • Confessions of a Not-So-Terrible Person
  • Physiology and Indigenous Medicine
  • Substance Abuse: Moving Away from the Moral and Disease Models
  • Taking on Big Pharma
  • What Is Biofield Tuning?

Issue 4: “Epistemological Equitability: The Democratization of Truth”

  • Acupuncture and Mental-Emotional Imbalance
  • A Beginner’s Guide to Sophrology Healing
  • Herbs and Supplements for Stress and Anxiety
  • How to Cure Narcissism Psychoanalytically
  • How to Meet Your Spirit Guides and Angels
  • How Yogic Healing Can Help At-Risk Kids
  • Interesting Facts about Hypnotherapy and NLP
  • Into the World of Transpersonal Regression Therapy
  • Sound Healing: What to Expect as a Client

Issue 5: “Dialectical Dealings: Problems That Are Solutions”

  • The Death Instinct: What Is It Really?
  • Generational Generosity: On Taking One for the Team
  • One Man’s Problem Is Another Man’s Solution
  • Putting Presumptive Problems into Perspective
  • That Time of the Month: Not My Problem
  • Those Who Cannot Repair Relations Are Condemned to Repeat Them
  • What’s the Opposite of a Suicide Note?
  • Without Darkness There Cannot Be Light
  • You Have to Get Lost to Be Found

Issue 6: “Health vs. Healing: From Prevention to Intervention”

  • Prevention through Self-Care
  • How My Anxiety Helped Me
  • How to Forgive and Accept Yourself
  • Yogic Healing Can Help At-Risk Kids
  • The Many Benefits of Reiki Attunement
  • The Paradox of Healing
  • The “Side Effects” of Meditation
  • Triorigin Healing for the Age of Light
  • When Exercise Becomes Too Much

Issue 7: “Coming Together in the Age of Social Distancing”

  • A Search for Meaning in the Midst of Chaos
  • COVID-19: New Day Dawning
  • Staying Home during Lockdown When You Live with an Abusive Narcissist
  • How Stress Can Break Down Our Mind, Body, and Spirit: Part Three
  • Gifts and Opportunities While Social Distancing
  • Stopping the Panic with Reiki
  • 2020: Resistance vs. Growth
  • The Key to Managing the Stress of COVID-19 in Your Relationship
  • Six Ways to Evolve Consciously

Issue 8: “Heart of Oneness: Black Health Matters”

  • 2020 Acuity: A Perspective on Systemic Racism, Health, and Change
  • 2020 Indignation: Paradigm Shift or Eternal Recurrence?
  • Acupuncture: An Effective Tool in Treating the Effects of Racism and COVID-19
  • Cultural Healing: The Black American Dream Experience
  • Global Peace and the Dynamics of Hypocrisy: Implications of the Mystery of Life
  • Large-Group Psychology: Racism, Societal Divisions and Narcissistic Leaders
  • The Racist in Me Sees and Honors and the Racist in You: Confessions of a White Human
  • We Are Not Who We Think We Are

Issue 9: “The ‘Other’ Pandemic: Integrative Medicine’s Defining Moment”

  • COVID-19 vs. Mental Health: Nature and Faith as a Way Through
  • Connecting with Your Higher Self
  • Embracing the Healing Field
  • Stopping Solitary Suffering with Selfless Compassion
  • How I Got into Reiki & How It Can Help You
  • My Beautiful Psychosis: Psychosis as Soul Process
  • Why I Deactivated Facebook in the Middle of a Pandemic
  • The Healing Forest: Science Meets Nature Therapy
  • Yoga Awareness and Suicide Prevention


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